Hello, there! I'm Georgi, I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm passionate about modern app development. I have a lot of production code in Java, but nowadays I mainly use PHP and Javascript. I've used multiple PHP frameworks, but at the moment I'm mostly using Laravel/Vue for my projects.

I'm working for Peytz & Co. We build web and mobile applications for different clients. The main stack is Symfony/React, but the company is a digital agency, so a lot of different technologies pop up.

In this blog I will be sharing stuff from the web development that I find interesting, as well as some tips and tricks about the technologies I use.

Outside of software development I just like to hang out with my friends, go hiking and shit. I've been a fan of metal music my whole life and I really enjoy going to concerts. I'm also an enthusiast of vintage wristwatches.

I'm open to discussions and always eager to learn new things. If you want to chat you can find me on twitter.